Subclass 132 A Significant Business History Visa

This is a one-step permanent residency visa aimed at successful business owners who wish to establish and operate a substantial business in Australia. The key requirements are that the applicant must have been a substantial owner of a successful business overseas (usually this means owning at least 30% of a business which has had annual revenue of at least AUD 3 million in two of the previous four years) and intend to transfer at least AUD 1.5 million of their wealth to Australia (usually at least AUD 1 million of this must be used to invest in or acquire an Australian business). More detail regarding this and other visa requirements is provided in this table.

Southmore can assist 132A visa applicants with identifying business opportunities in Australia and establishing operating businesses around them or, alternatively, identifying an existing Australian business which is a strong fit with their entrepreneurial interests and talents and negotiating the purchase of that business.