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Subclass 188 A / 888 A Business Innovation Visa

This is a permanent residency visa pathway involving a minimum two-year and maximum four-year provisional residency visa. The key requirements are that applicants must pass a “points test”, establish or acquire a substantial ownership interest in a business in Australia and operate that business for a period of at least two years (during which time the applicant must remain in Australia for at least one year). Grant of permanent residency requires that the applicant own at least 30% of the business, manage it, have annual revenue of at least AUD 300k and meet certain other requirements selected from such things as employing at least two Australians and holding assets of at least AUD 200k. More detail regarding these and other visa requirements is provided in this table.

Southmore can assist 188A visa applicants with identifying business opportunities in Australia and establishing operating businesses around them or, alternatively, identifying an existing Australian business which is a strong fit with their entrepreneurial interests and talents and negotiating the purchase of that business.


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