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Projects Open to New Entrepreneurial Contributions


Mercury Absorption Polymer


An Australian university has developed a non-toxic, naturally-sourced polymer with a very high absorptive capacity for mercury. This product can be manufactured cheaply and at scale. Usefully, it also changes colour when it becomes saturated with mercury and loses its absorptive capacity. There are many industrial settings and remediation projects where mercury contamination of soil and water has become a dangerous yet very difficult to address issue. Industries where mercury contamination presents serious problems include oil and gas distribution, cement production and pulp and paper manufacture.

Opportunities exist to develop businesses to market this product for specific applications and regions and to create strategic relationships with participants in polluting industries, remediation contractors and manufacturers of soil and water remediation products.

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Next Generation Sports Hydration Drink


An Australian university has successfully formulated and tested a mixture of water, electrolytes, sugars and resistant starches with superior hydration properties. The initial target market is sports people but the product has many other potential applications including, for example, the mass treatment of diarrhoeal diseases (e.g. in disaster relief settings where water supplies have become contaminated). The product is market ready and trials have shown that, on average, it: increased a person’s ability to absorb water by four litres per day, increased the rate of water uptake by eight-fold and reduced the amount of body weight lost during exercise by 50%.

The opportunity exists to devise international marketing strategies around the various potential applications of this product in different geographies and build successful businesses in partnership with international beverage, sports nutrition, healthcare companies and government partners.

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Point of Care Medical Technology Networks for Remote Medicine and Aged Care


An Australian university has established a business specialised in delivering training and quality management systems for networks point of care testing devices.  Solutions offered are adapted to challenging health and aged care settings such as remote locations with low levels of infrastructure and locations susceptible to extreme temperatures. The company has established and supports point of care technology networks utilising a wide range of devices involved in providing pharmacy services and the monitoring and management of patients with chronic, acute and infectious disease.

Opportunities exist to take several market-ready offerings and create industry partnerships associated with new businesses focussed on specific aged care and healthcare settings and geographies or to become involved in developing new product offerings as a prelude to the above.

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