Subclass 188 B / 888 B  Investor Visa

This is a permanent residency visa pathway involving a minimum four-year provisional residency visa. This visa is aimed at applicants able to transfer at least AUD 2.25 million of lawfully obtained assets to Australia and hold at least AUD 1.5 million of that in bonds issued by an Australian state or territory government. The key requirements are that applicants must pass a “points test”, have a high level of management skill and at least three years’ experience managing a substantial business or investment portfolio. Grant of permanent residency requires that the applicant hold the AUD 1.5 million state government bond investment for a minimum of four years (during which time they must remain in Australia for at least two years). More detail regarding these and other visa requirements is provided in this table.

Southmore does not currently work with business migrants applying in the 188B visa stream, we summarise its requirements here for the sake of completeness.